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Seoul, Korea/January 11, 2021 – NIBEC Co., Ltd., today announced that it is participating in Biotech Showcase™ 2021 and providing an on-demand company presentation. This year registered attendees to Biotech Showcase can access recorded company presentations prior to the actual event. Access content when and where you want, without interrupting your busy partnering schedule during the main event week. The presentation will be delivered by Dr. Yoon Jeong Park, CTO, of NIBEC Co., Ltd.

Information about The NIBEC presentation

NIBEC will provide an overview of TOPscovery (Target-Oriented Peptide Therapeutics Discovery & Delivery), its technology platform and process to discover unique peptide-based therapeutics and drug delivery systems.  

The drug delivery platform has three core solutions:

1.    Target-specific intracellular protein/antibody/siRNA delivery, known as NIPEP-TPP,  for oncology and metabolic diseases;

2.    Brain delivery for oncology and CNS diseases; and

3.    Oral formulation for chronic disease such as NASH and IBD.

NIPEP-TPP can increase delivery efficiency of protein/antibody/siRNA drug while alleviating off-target side effects. Specifically, the benefit of NIPEP-TPP in combination with RNA therapeutics lies at the stability and target-selective delivery.

In addition, the Company will review the current status its proprietary therapeutics pipeline generated from its peptide therapeutics discovery platform (PEPScovery). The development pipeline includes programs for the treatment of osteoporosis, IBD, NASH, and pulmonary fibrosis. The peptide therapeutics are focused on new mode of action to resolve unmet medical needs from conventional therapy.  

“We are delighted to introduce our peptide program that is dedicated to drug delivery based on NIPEP-TPP to selectively deliver any type of drug, including protein and RNA therapeutics, intracellularly,” said Dr. Chong Pyung Chung, CEO of NIBEC. “In addition, we will provide an update on our therapeutic programs for inflammatory disease and oncology. We look forward to meeting virtually with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to discuss development and commercialization opportunities.”

NIBEC is established as a spin-off venture from Seoul National University, South Korea at 2004 and listed in Korean Stock Market (KOSDAQ) at 2011. The company's main technology is based on target-oriented peptide therapeutic discovery (TOPscovery) platform for drug discovery and development. NIBEC has target tissue/cell penetrating peptide delivery platform to deliver protein/antibody/siRNA into the target tissue such as cancer. The company’s focus of therapeutic area are inflammatory diseases (NASH, IBD) and cancer with new mode of action. The other advanced therapeutic program is for the treatment of osteoporosis entering phase I. In addition to the drug development, the company holds medical device manufacturer license for tissue engineering biomaterials, tissue regenerative therapy dedicated to bone healing. The company has two research institutes and one manufacturing facility with fully granted GMP.

Biotech Showcase is an investor and networking conference devoted to providing private and public biotechnology and life sciences companies with an opportunity to present to, and meet with, investors and pharmaceutical executives in one place. Investors and biopharmaceutical executives from around the world gather in San Francisco during this bellwether week which sets the tone for the coming year. Now in its 13th year, this well-established, highly respected conference features multiple tracks of presenting companies, plenary sessions, workshops, networking, and an opportunity to schedule one-to-one meetings. Biotech Showcase is produced by Demy-Colton and EBD Group. Both organizations have a long history of producing high-quality programs that support the biotechnology and broader life sciences industry.

Key Takeaways
  • NIBEC will present an overview of its peptide therapeutics discovery and delivery technology platform (TOPScovery) and its proprietary pipeline.
  • The Company's peptide-based drug delivery platform enables selective intracellular delivery of any type of drugs including protein and RNA therapeutics.
  • The Company's proprietary pipeline of peptide-based therapeutics includes compounds for osteoporosis, inflammatory disease, and oncology.
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“We are delighted to introduce our peptide program that is dedicated to drug delivery based on NIPEP-TPP to selectively deliver any type of drug, i...
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